Design Process

To finish cooking up their shared dream, Izaskun Chinchilla’s team added one final ingredient.

Plan of “Arzak universe” by Izaskun Chinchilla

Would it not pique the diners’ curiosity enormously to see this cloud of kitchen utensils, giving them a better understanding of the process behind each dish?


Plan of “Arzak universe” by Izaskun Chinchilla

Amused by this possibility, Elena, Juan Mari and Izaskun reached their definitive interpretation of the dream: “A window to the Arzak universe”.

The design presents a window for each of the two major players in the Arzak world: the cook and the diner. When the cooks lean out of the window, they will find everything they need at their fingertips. Behind the shutters are housed; spoons, strainers, tweezers and sieves; the worktop holds pans, trays and preserves; and an articulated arm will accommodate a hand mixer, mortar and other instruments of greater size. Thus, utensils will take up no space on the table and will travel with the cook.

The diner, meanwhile, will have their own window and will see the tools hanging freely from the shutters. Media players will display videos explaining how the utensils are used or the nutritional values of the dishes. The worktop will become a table and the articulated arm will offer useful items; from napkins to spice shakers to cast mysterious and fragrant mists over the desserts.

The final piece will allow the cook to give the diner a peek into the kitchen, the diners to eat at the table where the dish is prepared and also will provide an unexpected way to connect both windows.

Izaskun Chinchilla and her team discussing their ideas on Arzak’s dream